The Craft is So Real

We got our spring arrivals, watched The Craft by accident and ended up in our worst nightmare: school. Photographer Josh Wilks took us there through his lenses. Saw levitating girls, YU-GI-OH! cards thrown around and the classic bathroom ciggie party.

Slam Jam and Nike present Gabriel Moses Regina

Slam Jam and Nike presented Gabriel Moses Regina exhibition at Spazio Maiocchi, a vibrant creative hub nestled in the heart of Milano, where community and sneaker enthusiasts converge. Come immerse yourself in the intersection of art, culture, and sneaker passion as we honor Gabriel Moses's remarkable talent and vision.

Flashing Lights. Fluo Colors. People Posing With Sneakers. It’s Not Our Last Event, It’s The New Asics Photoshoot.

Sound mind, sound body. We have all tried at least once. The people featured in this photoshoot live by it. Of all places, Tai-Chiers now gather in Parco Lambro and Kenneth Anderson was able to give us an insiders’ look on their routine.

Timberland And White Mountaineering, The Elevated Exploration Of The Outdoors

We dives into the brand new Timberland White Mountaineering collaborative moment with Elitsa Taneva, global energy footwear designer at Timberland.

Alpha Industries UV

Seamlessly blending Alpha‘s rich history with modern innovation, Ultra Violet symbolizes a contemporary spin on tradition, capturing the essence of today‘s zeitgeist. Experience a seamless convergence of high-end aesthetics and cutting-edge designs that promise an unforgettable journey into the evolving realm of fashion.

Folks Rocks

We can't see it, but we can wonder. The silver bag does some of the talking. The rest is captured by photographer Gregoire Leon Dufour in the most hi-res pictures. You can (almost) see through people as they get out of our flagship store in Milan. With big bags and Slam Jam-approved looks, that is. Try this at home.

Puma's Fearless Mostro Reemerges After 25 Years

Originally launched in 1999, the Mostro derives its name from the Italian word for monster, which describes its new, experimental look that marked a new aesthetic at the time.

Stone Island Knit Adored

There’s an ancestral connection between body and soul, just as between land and sea. It’s hard to explain, but easy to get. When we think about Stone Island we think about the garment and the process that led to it. The dichotomy is real, and is definitely a recurring topic in such an example of mindset longevity.

The Marquis Converse punk chronicles

Slam Jam takes inspiration from the shoe’s name and portrays the stark contrast between high and low, not knowing what’s what. What would a skater boy do in a fancy palace? We’ve always wondered. Tradition meets chaos, across time and space.

Dr.Martens 14XX

Dr. Martens unveils the Beta Pack in their 14XX line, redefining classic styles like the 1460 boot, 1461 shoe, and 2976 Chelsea boot. Partnering with Slam Jam, they hosted an event blending heritage and futurism, featuring music by Rainy Miller and Rat Section in a custom space by Tor Studio.

Everybody hoops. adidas Basketball takes on everyday lifestyle.

Everybody hoops. adidas Basketball takes on everyday lifestyle. We partnered with adidas Basketball to showcase their new collection through our lenses. Imagine yourself at the office, throwing paper in the trash can. You do a basket and cannot escape that glimpse of joy.

Out of context in fashion. Gamers won’t hike but will definitely wear Salomon Vol II

Slam Jam and Salomon continue the investigation to spotlight parallels between the gamer’s imaginary quests and the rather practical ones the shoe is designed for, shapes draw sharp resemblances between each other and invite us to trace our own path to partake in.

IRL Dribbling. FENTY x Puma 2nd Drop

Fenty x Puma reemerges after a 5-year hiatus with the Avanti sneakers, a football-inspired silhouette blending the design of the King football boot and the Easy Rider running shoe's outsole. Rihanna, mentioning the strong football influence, introduces vintage-inspired colorways for an everyday unisex shoe, signaling a captivating fusion of luxury fashion and sportswear trends.

Road to nowhere, make it fast.

No journey is ever the same, but one can weather the storm. The city sets a frantic pace, but there is shelter from it. Get your friends on board or enjoy a solo night-out. Whatever you decide, you’ll be fine. Discover our latest editorial.


XT-QUEST FOR SLAM JAM draws inspiration from the rough mix of sharp yet dusty colors of the Painted Desert. The second collaboration between Italian powerhouse Slam Jam and Salomon seeks to shed light on current climate concerns and the importance of dialogue between mankind and mother nature.

50 Years Gone By. Timberland Leaves Its Mark Everywhere Around Us

The iconic "yellow boot" by Timberland has a rich history, from its origins as a rugged, waterproof work boot to becoming a symbol of status and style, embraced by diverse communities, from construction workers to hip-hop artists. Discover more.

Mafate Three 2: Off The Ground, Onto a Powerful Run. Hoka Sets The Trail.

We partnered with, a creative studio in Milan, to help you visualize the seamless experience Hoka can provide. Forge your own path and gear up on

Sound mind, sound body. Sound kicks, too.

Slam Jam and Asics collaborate to envision a new playground for Asics GT-2160. Roxy Ceron is a talent from within our Milanese community and her work intertwines nature and technology, to highlight their symbiotic encounters. Asics GT-2160 was the perfect fit for her lenses.

Unveiling the Woman selection

Slam Jam takes over its own Milan flagship store on the occasion of MFW, eager to open the doors to its community and let them wander through the brands selected for the newly launched women's section. An event will kick off the week on September 19th, from 7pm until 10pm.The night will have performances and contributions from Slam Jam’s network. 

Timberland and Nina Chanel Abney launch Future73 capsule, contemporizing the original Timberland® boot as it turns 50

Timberland launches the next of its Future73 collaborations, in partnership with New York-based contemporary artist and painter, Nina Chanel Abney. The collection reimagines the original Timberland® boot, resurrects the ‘78 Hiker, and inspires a modern approach to Timberland’s heritage apparel designs.

Greet our local punks. Going backstage with Converse.

Slam Jam peeks through the new Milanese punk scene. The eyes this time belong to scene veteran Matteo Strocchia, who’s been on and off stage for a while now. Shot in the outskirts of Milan where the dirty magic happens, the Converse Chuck 70s takes the stage.

Slam Jam presents: Fall Winter '23 and the life around it

Slam Jam teams up again with photographer Valerio Nico for FW’23. Nico’s photography takes a reportage approach on scenes he creates himself, with the goal of showcasing absurd, funny details that can make you see the ordinary with a forgiving eye.

Timberland and Samuel Ross collaborate for second future73 capsule

Timberland launches its fourth Future73 drop, and second in partnership with Samuel Ross. The second Timberland® x Samuel Ross Future73 Collection reimagining the Original Timberland® Boot in a fresh ‘Jet Black’ regenerative leather.

150 year later, all roads still lead to Levi’s® 501®.

Slam Jam continues to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Levi’s® 501® jean with a limited-edition release now available on

Slam Jam Recreates Brit-core With adidas Gazelle Indoor

The iconic status of the adidas Gazelle Indoor has never wavered over the decades and its recent success is a testament to this. For the latest editorial, Slam Jam teamed up with London-based photographer Louis Bever to showcase the silhouette in a variety of aesthetic scenarios, demonstrating its limitless versatility.

Embrace your inner tiger. Ironclad Slam Jam meets the fluffiest brand Trudi, plush toys’ makers since the 50s

Slam Jam teams up with iconic toy brand Trudi to bring to life a three-dimensional and fluffy version of their mascotte. The Slam Jam Trudi Inner Tiger will be available at Slam Jam doors, its .com as of June 17th.

Ties that bind: sound mind, sound body

The GEL-NYC merges silhouettes and asset technologies from ASICS’s repertoire: the upper construction is based on the GEL-NIMBUS 3 from the early 2000s and blends various design elements from the MC-PLUS V, while the sole is taken from the GEL-CUMULUS 16; ASICS’s distinctive GEL technology, mounted on the forefoot and rearfoot, wraps it all up.

Out of context in fashion. Gamers won't hike but will definitely wear Salomon

In its latest editorial, Slam Jam shines a light on the iconic Salomon ACS Pro through the lenses of photographer Alex Cascallana.

Guess USA goes back to the drawing board: between archive pieces and new musts

Guess USA taps into different eras from its vast archive and, with various stonewashed garments, sun fading abrasions and intricate details, is sketching out the new storyline for the Americana.

Big Buzz

Even among experts and enthusiasts, few are aware that 1906 marked the birth of two legends, and that both have to do with feet: New Balance, and Bigfoot. New Balance’s 1906R pays homage to the year the company was founded via an unapologetically retro silhouette characterized by a silver-dominant make-up in celebration of the proverbial running shoe look, as well as the model’s original colorway.

Slam Jam Gaznevada: "Going Underground"

After paying homage to pro-Soviet Emilian punks CCCP-Fedeli Alla Linea in 2021 and to Devo in 2022, Slam Jam now celebrates Gaznevada, whose “Going Underground” alternative anthem from 1980 it’s still a call not to stop at the surface of things, not to settle for what is predictable and expected.

New Balance 574 Summit

Slam Jam invites New Balance over at “Taveggia 1909”, the perfect Milanese spot to speak some more on dad shoes and their appeal across decades. The community showed up in their favorite shoes and tuned in to a conversation between Nicola Mercatali, New Balance’s Merchandising manager, and Jake La Furia, notorious Italian rapper, and sneakerhead.

Timberland and Samuel Ross launch future73 capsule, reimagining the original Timberland boot as it turns 50

The Timberland® x Samuel Ross Future73 Collection reimagines The Original Timberland® Boot, the 3-Eye Lug Handsewn Boat Shoe, and archival apparel designs—rooted in the potential for function and ergonomics. 

Havaianas launches a new drop of exclusive product in partnership with Mastermind

After teaming up in 2020, Mastermind and Havaianas are back for a new collaboration featuring an exclusive model that features a brand-new design. The novelty arrives full of style and carries a lot of personality, displaying a high-relief skull on its upper, the perfect combination for those who love and cannot do without both comfort and an urban touch. 

Capturing anatomical distortion, between space and spectral colors

Through distortion, coloration, and graphic overexposure, Arcin Sagdic's photography explores every visual nuance, deconstructing the human anatomy. Discover our latest Spring '23 editorial.

Celebrating the World Table Tennis Day with Asics

In celebration of the World Table Tennis Day, Slam Jam and Asics have reimagined traditional office desks as table tennis tables, where all competition is put aside to highlight the Japanese brand's mantra using the EX89 sneaker: "Sound Mind, Sound Body".

Slam Jam celebrates the 150th anniversary of the iconic Levi's® 501®

Going deep into the Far West narrative as a major influence for contemporary culture, Slam Jam gets wild in the second collaborative moment with the authentic brand Levi’s®️.

Rough Stones

Take one of the coolest actors in town and shoot it around the neighborhood. The result? Very spontaneous and intimate portraits tell the unfiltered pattern of what is LA as well.

Portraying the aspirational universe of Marina

Celebrating Stone Island Marina and our take on alternative sailing culture, we went to Athens to highlight the connection between human virtues and our ongoing relationship with the sea.

Deep Connections Through Values

Shot by Luca Dargenio, a group of artists is the living proof that a genuine feeling of community comes from shared values—in our hearts and on our feet. It’s not by chance that they embrace Birkenstock, known not only for its high-quality, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable products, but especially for having a strong commitment to its core values.

Stomping Grounds

HOKA empowers everyone to act fearlessly and creatively, to drive forward with purpose and passion with an “always-on” mindset for innovation and thinking outside the box. Discover our latest editorial.

Nike Air Max 1 '87 Crepe "Fail Forward"

For our latest editorial, we collaborated with photographer Alessia Gunawan to launch the Air Max 1 'Crepe', an iconic silhouette instantly recognisable and revealing the identity of its everyday wearer. Combining the experience and fame of the past with the everyday need for comfort and versatility, the shoe represents a thread of nostalgia, impossible to keep locked away forever.

Slam Jam and Clarks Originals tribute two-tone subculture

Slam Jam and Clarks Originals team up to rework the Wallabee’s iconic style. The first-ever collaboration between the original British brand and the Italian powerhouse draws inspiration from Slam Jam’s archive and a picture from its founder Luca Benini to Egypt decades ago.

A Day with: Lia Lia & Yuuki - New Balance FW '22 Editorial

For our latest editorial in collaboration with New Balance, we interviewed LIA LIA - the eclectic musician that unifies anime, vintage, and punk fashion - and Yuuki Tang - model, painter, and knitwear aficionado - to understand their worlds and personalities under one common denominator: the creative expression in all its forms.


For our latest editorial, we imagined a post-apocalyptic scenario, like a futuristic video game: 3D visors, tactical vests, balaclavas with google lenses, and remote-controlled drones.

Slam Jam Nike Air Force 1: an ode to the force attitude

The Slam Jam x Nike AF1 design, embodies the social, cultural, and architectural landscape of both vibrant melting posts in NYC and Milan with different but complementary elements that's naturally meant to be, just like us, the people.

An Evening Well Spent

As the world progresses, time seems to speed up, leaving some to forget the essence of gathering with those who consistently uplift them to new heights through inspiration, genuine connection and commonality. Discover our latest editorial about ASICS FW22 range.

The Connection of Everything

Adidas Terrex is joining forces with avant-garde outdoor label And Wander for a multi-seasonal collaboration exploring the universal connectivity of humanity and nature.
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